About Robert
Sitting in his impeccably tasteful design studio in the heart of San Francisco's Potrero Hill design district, it's hard to picture Robert among the cotton mills in Thomaston, Georgia.
But as soon as he greets you with his warm smile, it becomes clear why he is such a popular personality. His urban refinement and eloquent confidence creates an instantly likable mix along with his relaxed southern charm and down to earth honesty.

His smile widens as he recalls his first ever event, at eight years old, a Ronald McDonald backyard carnival in aid of Muscular Dystrophy. Robert's compassion continues today; the 2005 25th year anniversary Napa Valley auction designed by Robert raised an unprecidented $11.5 million for local charities. He fondly recalls how he learned his appreciation for all things floral in his grandmother's garden. This discovery led to Robert pouring his heart into floral design and, by the age of 20, the budding entrepreneur was designing weddings and parties. Robert's talent really flourished at Buckhead's upscale floral design studio in Atlanta until a visit to San Francisco in 1995 captured his imagination so much he decided to stay.

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